12:34 Collection

I’ve spent the past several months researching + blending essential oils. I’m happy to say that I’ll be releasing two blends with intention. The first is Om, the intention is to soften, soothe, and relax. The second is Green Tara with the intention of energy, force, and vigor.


Om: lavender, rose, tangerine

Green Tara: peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen


Both blends will be released on April 12th during the Cleveland Flea. Afterwards they will be available online, and of course, I’ll have them with me during shows + events.


IMG_20140403_114002 IMG_20140403_114914

Perfume oils, classes, and workshops with Yates Apothecary

Perfume oils $14 each (shipping not included)

No. 0398: iso e super. amber. cedar

No. 0410: bergamot. cassis. white musk

No. 3456: campfire. dirt. violet

No. 0808: fern. vanilla, vetiver

No. 0285: cotton candy. hibiscus. brown sugar

No. 0245:  grass. myrrh. arabian sandalwood


Perfume blending classes:

March 22nd: introduction to perfume blending ~ $30 per person for 2 hours

March 23rd: introduction to perfume blending: sweet edition ~ $30 per person for 2 hours



March 8th: aromatherapy calm ~$40 per person for 2 hours with calming + relaxing essential oils

March 30th: sugar scrub workshop ~$40 per person for 2 hours ~ make + take sugar scubs (3 x 4 oz jars)


See the attached link for details + registration


Reserved + Private Perfume Blending Class

Yates Apothecary offers private + reserved perfume blending classes….perfect for a birthday party or bridal party. 

You’ll have access to:

  • Yates Apothecary live/work loft (12 guests max) 
  • 20-30 perfume notes (top, middle, base)
  • Can request particular notes
  • Can create a perfume blending theme like sweets, woods, or florals
  • All necessary tools (pipettes, oils, journals, scent strips)
  • 2 hours of perfume blending

Email me with interest and we’ll chat about details. 

Melissa Hale

Online. Purchase. Create. Blend

Available online via http://yatesapothecary.bigcartel.com/

  • perfume lockets filled with No. 0872 (limited run)
  • create your own solid perfume locket
  • aromatherapy workshop focusing on calming + relaxing oils
  • signature perfume oils from Yates Apothecary
  • perfume blending classes

Make your own series

This is a new series from Yates Apothecary called: make your own. Think of it as an open source plan for perfumes. I will blend a perfume at my lab and tell you all the materials needed to make it yourself. We’ll start this series with spring in mind. Seeing that we’re experiencing another snowstorm in Cleveland and most people are tired of the polar vortex and snow fall….here’s a simple spring fragrance.

What you’ll need:

  1. 5 ml glass graduated cylinder
  2. 10 ml glass bottle
  3. fragrances oils: fern, plumeria, hawaiian sandalwood, and vanilla
  4. fractionated coconut oil (or the carrier oil of your choice)

The formula:

  • 0.95 ml of fern
  • 1.90 ml of plumeria
  • 2.86 ml of hawaiian sandalwood
  • 0.48 ml of vanilla
  • 3 ml of fractionated coconut oil

Pour all the above measured oils into your 10 ml glass container….place lid or cap on the container and slowly invert several times to mix oils.  It’s best to let the oils sit for 24 hours…let them play nice and make friends. Then apply and smell like spring.




Classes, perfume oils, and website trouble.

I’ve been having some issues with websites…in the mean time I’m selling perfume blending classes and perfume oils on Big Cartel. Here’s the link: www.yatesapothecary.bigcartel.com

If you experience any troubles or have any questions please email me: melissa@yatesapothecary.com



End Of Summer Sale


The end of summer is approaching and I have a small amount of No.0704 left in the lab. I need to make room for the upcoming limited edition fall/winter perfume. Which means….SALE.


No. 0704 was the limited edition summer perfume for 2013 and I have about 12 bottles left. If this was your favorite scent you may want to purchase a bottle or two, because it won’t be coming back for awhile.


No. 0704: neroli. salt. ozone for $10 each (was $14).


Please comment with your email address and I can send you a invoice to pay or we can meet for coffee (local Cleveland coffee only). If shipping….shipping fees will apply.

Thank you